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Meet Chloe Yates

Principal, Deloitte US

Faces of Deloitte TMT is a series of articles exploring the personal histories of our professionals, sharing the key experiences that defined their values and exploring why they do what they do. In this story, Chloe tells us how enjoying a challenge has shaped her career.

Chloe Yates likes a challenge. “I question everything, I challenge everything and I bring new ideas,” she says. And that’s a quality that serves her well when working with some of the biggest names in the Technology, Media & Telecom (TMT) Industry. “When I talk to a client, they expect that, they demand that. They expect innovation and creativity.”

Challenge is nothing new to Chloe, though. Having moved from North London to the US, she has real-life experience with challenging herself, facing down a new situation and bringing a fresh point of view. She challenged herself again when she joined the Tax practice at Deloitte—an area that was new to her. Now working at Deloitte for 18 years, she currently works in the Global Employer Services service line of the Deloitte US Tax practice, where she draws on her ability to bring a fresh perspective to help clients address mobility.

As a team leader, Chloe also encourages team members to take charge of their careers and make sure they pay attention to what’s important both inside and outside of the workplace. “I tell my team: nobody’s going to clear your calendar for you. You need to clear it yourself.”

She enjoys helping people figure out where they want to go in their careers—and showing them, by example, that anything’s possible. As a mum of three, she wants her team to know that today, you can do all of it: you can be a parent, have a spouse and have a great career.

She came by this knowledge over the years by excelling in a field that had very few women—yet another obstacle to overcome. Now she’s gratified to see companies help people to balance their home and career priorities. And with more women coming into tech and tax, she’s happy to see many more role models they can look to as they make decisions about their own career paths. 

Why TMT?

Chloe finds herself drawn to TMT clients as they inspire her to be innovative. “They’re one of the most forward-thinking and fast-paced,” she says. “They challenge us to be better. They really want that creativity.”

Having worked with some of the biggest names in both the technology and media sectors, Chloe finds that these companies are often unique in their cultures and how they operate. But one thing that they all have in common is that they want someone who isn’t afraid to go against the status quo. And that’s where knowledge in serving these types of clients is critical. “You need to show them that you understand their appetite for taking risks and for innovation,” she says.

Chloe not only brings this thinking to her work, she looks forward to it. “Working with these clients enables me to take risks and challenge myself.”

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