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Tech Trends 2024: An Australian Perspective

Deloitte’s 15th annual Tech Trends report helps business and technology leaders separate signal from noise and embrace technology’s evolution as a tool to revolutionise business.

About the report

As enterprise technology emerges and evolves, it’s tempting to call any given day a turning point. It’s a familiar cycle: each breakthrough overshadows the one before it, fuelling a perpetual belief that right now will be remembered as the moment everything changed.  

But then again, look around us. How can we not marvel at the sheer speed and scale of change we’re seeing? Innovation is multiplying innovation. On a macro level, disruption no longer comes and goes – it persists in a state of flux. 

For Australian organisations, this shifting landscape can be equal parts exciting and overwhelming. 

Tech Trends 2024: An Australian Perspective offers a local view on the cutting-edge trends featured in our annual global report. In the pages ahead, we provide examples of these trends in action along with actionable advice to help Australian organisations separate signal from noise. 

As a leader in digital transformation and emerging technology, we’re proud to serve Australian organisations with strategic advice, tailored solutions and operational support, reinforced by our deep sector expertise and trusted alliance partnerships. 

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