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Our AI Fluency Greenhouse Experience

Fun. Immersive. Impactful.

Let’s build your AI fluency

When we launched Deloitte's Australia AI Institute in 2021, we went out all guns blazing, excited to talk AI with business leaders across the country to build even more world-leading AI solutions. We quickly learned that AI fluency levels ranged vastly from what AI is to what it can mean for business. Whilst there were definite pockets of AI maturity, overall we found businesses aren’t confidently running with AI.

Not to be deterred, we headed back to the drawing board and thought about how we could turn this challenge into opportunity.

Welcome to the AI Fluency Greenhouse experience!

Deloitte's AI Fluency Greenhouse is a 5-hour interactive lab designed for business leaders to get ‘hands on’ with AI and learn in a truly immersive manner. Our Greenhouse has been designed to break the mould, allowing leaders to learn in a differentiated and memorable manner – with every activity entirely focused on harnessing the power of AI to responsibly solve the most wicked of business problems.

And most importantly, it’s fun.

To learn more about our Greenhouse experience and get an idea of what you're in store for, watch our video below.

So come on, Say Hi to AI!

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