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Tech Trends 2023: An Australian Perspective and Pulse Check

Deloitte’s 14th annual Tech Trends report explores the impact of emerging technologies on groundbreaking innovations and foundational business areas. Stories of pioneering organisations show what’s happening now, describe what’s new, and project what could be coming next.

We have studied, explored, and predicted the impact of emerging technology and innovation for 14 years, releasing a Tech Trends report each year. These reports are increasingly anticipated and valued by C-suite executives across the world, as well as here in Australia among the organisations that we are privileged to work with. Through stories of pioneering organisations, the trends outline what is happening across our business sectors and highlight new approaches that stand to become the norm over the coming 18 to 24 months.

With the pace of tech advancement accelerating more than at any other time in our history, this year, we are releasing an Australian pulse check. This report offers a brief overview of the global trends – just in case you missed it – and explores how these trends are coming to life within our dominant Australian sectors.

We couldn’t provide this pulse check without the voice of those leaders who are already exploring the trends within their organisations – the trailblazers who are testing, learning, reiterating, and striving to adapt and upskill at the pace needed for business growth in today’s world. We also incorporate perspectives from Deloitte’s own esteemed experts across technology, including AI, digital twins, and cloud.

Critically, we offer a highlight of what each trend could mean for organisations in Australia, with actionable advice for each trend.

As a leader in digital transformation and emerging technology within Australia, we work with organisations to offer strategic advice on their pathways, helping to implement that advice through tailored solutions based on deep sector expertise, working together with trusted alliance partners, and even sit shoulder to shoulder with organisations to continue to operate those solutions.

So, take a read, and if these trends resonate, and you are leaping into the challenges ahead and seeking the right way to harness strategy, technology and people to provide sustainable growth, we are ready to connect.

Technologies such as augmented and virtual reality are transforming the metaverse from specialised tech to an enterprise tool – potentially paving the way to new business models.

While the value of artificial intelligence is now undoubtable, the question has become how to best use it – and that often boils down to how much workers and end users trust AI tools.

To simplify multi-cloud management, enterprises are beginning to turn to a layer of abstraction and automation that offers a single pane of control.

Historically, organisations have been competing for a limited supply of tech talent. A winning long-term strategy instead considers the creation, curation, and cultivation of new and emerging talent.

In an environment of ever-increasing mistrust, blockchain and Web 3 could power “trustless” systems that decentralise data to rebuild trust.

Instead of completely replacing mainframe systems, businesses have begun exploring for ways to extend the functionality of mainframe systems by linking them to emerging technologies.

Explore the Deloitte Insights page to interact with the full global edition of Tech Trends 2023.

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