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Digital Health Webinar Series

In partnership with Salesforce, Deloitte has launched a digital health series focused on discussing key Australian healthcare sector issues and how to leverage digital transformation opportunities for healthcare system success.

Discover our previously discussed digital health topics and playback the webinars below.

Connected Care

With rapid pressures on Australia’s digital healthcare capacity from the COVID-19 pandemic, Deloitte and Salesforce joined in an engaging discussion on how healthcare organisations can make a truly connected care system, and the digital tools and transformation models to combat roadblocks in operational channels.


  • Facilitator: Adj Prof. Anita Ghose – Health, Life Sciences and Social Care Consulting Partner, Deloitte Australia
  • Sabine Bennett – Digital Health Partner, Deloitte Digital Australia
  • Jonathan Meddes – Director, Health Technology Practice, Deloitte UK
  • Michael Scott – Partner, Deloitte Digital Australia
  • Dr Bryan Tan – Chief Health Officer, Salesforce
  • Steve Lutz – Regional Vice President Health and Life Sciences, Salesforce

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Connecting 24-hour care

For most healthcare organisations, their contact centre is often the first line of defence when it comes to fielding patient inquiries and resolving any challenges patients might be experiencing. With increasing workflow volumes for contact centres, workforce shortages, unprecedented crisis management, and the patient vs. employee experience on the line, the need for contact centre modernisation to help both the healthcare customer and agent is now the standard of care for the industry. High-functioning contact centres can efficiently facilitate both clinical and nonclinical services as well as coordinate care across the system.


  • Sabine Bennett – Digital Health Partner, Deloitte Digital
  • Guy Munro – Director, Conversational AI & Enhanced Customer Service, Deloitte Digital
  • Steve Lutz – Regional Vice President Health and Life 

Watch the webinar

Our next webinar is expected mid-May 2023

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