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Big Data

Tougher, smarter, stronger, faster

Across all industries, the pace, scale and digitisation of business has yielded larger and more complex data sets than ever before. As a consequence, efforts to capture, analyse and extract insight from the data have become correspondingly sophisticated.

Leaders in every sector will have to understand the implications of Big Data for their organisation, working out how to tap its power to create value and competitive advantage.

Interview: Analytics and Information Management - The crystal ball for business

Big data: The report

Deloitte Australia’s EIM Consulting team have released a report ‘Big Data: tougher, smarter, stronger, faster’ that delves into four evolving aspects of the business case for Big Data, and the levers available to industry leaders:

  • Tougher regulation, policy and cost control to overcome
  • Smarter technology solutions to offer leaner integration of existing systems in new and innovative ways
  • Stronger community engagement to support the skills gap left by under-investment in data management capabilities
  • Faster opportunities ahead to streamline processes and extract valuable insights effectively.

All of industry stands to gain from a coordinated approach to building the next phase of Australia’s (big) data-driven economy.

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