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Deloitte’s Centre for Innovation and Technology, Adelaide – providing next gen solutions for your business.

Supporting a Successful South Australia

Already considered Australia’s Silicon Valley, South Australia is experiencing an economic expansion that has the potential to transform the state into a technological and economic powerhouse. 

This transformation is mirrored in the state’s business community and our Adelaide team of experts in innovation, technology and cyber are bringing organisations’ technology future to life – to lead, adapt and respond in a  dynamic, ever-changing world.  

Decarbonisation initiatives, geopolitical uncertainties, cyber threats, and disruptions in supply chains are just some of the factors shaping our world and changing the nature of business, driving increased investment in cyber, space, defence, and renewable energy.  

In this dynamic context, Deloitte plays a significant role in supporting growth and prosperity. With leading-edge technology-based solutions, we’re supporting and enabling South Australia’s business transformation projects now and into the future. 

By harnessing innovative technologies, we will safely and confidentially assist you in transforming your business. Our local experts can implement and integrate the latest technology into your organisation enabling you to securely achieve your strategic objectives in growth and efficiency.  

Working with our local technology experts we can help you: 

  • Establish enterprise platforms, including Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Resource Planning and Service Management. 
  • Transition your business capabilities to be future ready with secure cloud-based services and infrastructure across all the major hyperscalers. 
  • Build and manage your data insight platforms to navigate and grow, providing you business-differentiating decisions and an insight-driven advantage.
  • Design for and implement intelligent automation powered by AI (machine learning and generative AI), allowing you to enhance operations and achieve process excellence. 
  • Unlock strategic performance, from supply chain to finance, by harnessing ground-breaking solutions that can bring productivity, sustainability, and innovation to the very heart of your business. 
  • Create sustainable, resilient, and inclusive future workforces, venture thinking, circular economy, innovation, and product lifecycle design. 
  • Design and implement secure technology environments including the latest thinking around identity, cyber detection and response

Our local team intimately understands the South Australian market and is supported by our global firm, including our world-leading cyber practice. Our Adelaide office is made up of a diverse team of over 570 professionals, including local partners excelling in areas such as cyber, technology, space, climate, and innovation. As your neighbours, we are here to help you succeed in your digital empowerment, climate action, and growth journey. Reach out anytime for guidance. We are just a phone call or email away. Due to client demand, our team continues to grow and will be moving to Festival Tower in 2024 to continue our expansion. 

A considered collaboration.

By combining leading technology with our proven business acumen and strong relationships, we bring you complete, scalable, bespoke solutions like no one else. And by tapping into the forefront of disruption, we can help you see trends years ahead, so you don't just survive - but thrive - in a world of constant change. 


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