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Retail trends: Vol. 2 - A guide to virtual and augmented reality for Australian retailers

How much is that virtual doggie in the virtual window?

VR and AR are new to the scene, but their applications for business are growing by the day. We explore some recent developments and outline how retailers can integrate the technology across their business.

Welcome to the future! After decades of unrealised potential and real life failing to live up to sci-fi generated expectations, virtual reality has finally come of age.  In fact, there is a whole ecosystem of immersive, augmented and mixed technologies out there ready to be explored.

In the second publication in our Retail Trends series, we explore the major trend of the AR/VR ecosystem. We bust some common myths around the technology, look at a range of really practical applications for it, share some case studies, and give an honest view on what we think will work for Australian retailers.

We think this technology has, so far, been pigeonholed. In the retail sector especially, VR and AR have mostly been used as marketing tools and for attention grabbing stunts and PR initiatives. This has worked really well for some brands. But there is so much more potential for the technology across both sides of retail – the customer experience and a range of business solutions.

Have you thought about how AR could revolutionise your warehouse and supply chain processes? Or how VR applications could more effectively and efficiently provide training opportunities to your sales assistants? Or how about using AR to help employees in remote locations fix machinery?  Or being able to share new store design concepts with your whole team, across multiple locations, without a costly build process. Or how about literally being able to step into your customers shoes to follow their journey through your products?

Explore all of these examples, and find out how VR and AR could work for your business, by downloading our guide. 

VR and AR at Deloitte

The Deloitte Brand and Spatial Experience team is made up of experts from a diverse background across all stages of immersive experience design including business strategy, customer experience design, interior architecture, visualisation and development.

The key focus of our work is on achieving business goals through customer-centric product and service experiences that immerse the audience in the space between the virtual and built environment.

We use Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, 3D rendering and animation to help you see the world through your customers’ eyes, so you can meet customer needs in more relevant ways.

About our Retail Trends series

VR and AR - a guide for Australian retailers, is the second volume in our new, ongoing report series: Retail Trends.

The Retail Trends series will explore how Australian retailers apply best practice approach to enhance customer experience and engagement. It will investigate and provide examples of different retail trends in both our local and global markets, and provide a perspective on how we think Australian retailers can evolve based on current Australian consumer demand and behaviour.

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