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The Retail Rundown

Exploring the latest trends and innovations in retail

    The New Retail-Tech Landscape

    The Israeli start-up ecosystem consists of a vibrant and diverse pool of retail-tech companies. The 460 retail tech start-ups in Israel have collectively raised more than $1.5B in equity investment. What can Australian retailers learn from one of the hottest innovation and technology hubs in the world?

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    Global State of the Consumer Tracker

    As economies the world over seek to reopen, businesses are interested in the interplay between personal safety and economic behaviour. When will consumers feel safe enough to return to work, stores, restaurants, and travel? Will they return to old behaviours or will new ones be born? How will consumers in different countries weather these dual crises? To begin to answer these questions, Deloitte is conducting a series of biweekly surveys in multiple countries to understand the mindset of the consumer.

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    Unlocking the potential of conversational commerce in retail

    Consumers are seeing faster and more seamless purchase experiences thanks to conversational commerce. How can retailers create competitive advantage by leveraging the likes of chatbots, voice and lifelike digital humans in 2021?

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    Getting fitter faster through eCommerce

    The world is rapidly changing and businesses must adapt if they are to capture the hearts and minds of consumers. The value of eCommerce has accelerated and the businesses that prioritise strong capabilities and fitness through their digital channels will win the long-term. How can retailers get fit fast with their eCommerce approach?

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    Australian retail’s role in beating the scourge of modern slavery

    What does Australia’s Modern Slavery Act mean for retailers and their supply chains? Organisations will need to ask the right questions and embed new ways of working with industry partners and not-for-profits to make a difference. Check out our latest Q&A from our National Retail Leader David White and Risk Advisory Principal, Dr Leeora Black.

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    10 steps to becoming a trusted brand

    Practical guidance for organisations who want make customer privacy a competitive advantage, not a liability.

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