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Deloitte Real Estate Project and Construction Advisory

Deloitte Real Estate offers a full service development management team that can deliver projects for both public and private sector clients. We have the ability to manage the entire process for a passive client from project concept through to completion, or be engaged to complete a specific stage of any project.

Deloitte Real Estate’s full-service development team provides more than just project management. Several of our staff hold Builder’s Licences, are qualified civil engineers, accredited project managers and have several years’ experience working as Senior Development Managers on major projects.

We manage the entire process from project concept through to completion – or assist with specific project stages. Our deep experience enables us to take a broader view of the needs of the entire development, rather than individual components. We see the big picture, rather than focusing on one piece of the puzzle.

Key aspects of our service include:

  • Project design and optimisation
  • Consultant engagement
  • Scoping
  • Time and cost planning
  • Procurement
  • Quality management
  • Stakeholder management
  • Obtaining statutory approvals
  • Construction management
  • Risk Management
  • Contractor engagement
  • Project reporting
  • Preliminary feasibility
  • Initial concept plans
  • Options analysis
  • Identification of key risks
  • Market research
  • Facility council consultation
  • Project design and optimisation
  • Stakeholder management
  • Risk management
  • Programme management
  • Consultant engagement
  • Development approval management.
  • Progress assessment
  • Co-ordination of the requests for information
  • Review and advise on contract conditions
  • Perform superintendent role under the contract
  • Issue extension of time assessments
  • Issue practical completion certificate
  • Issue a final certificate.