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Imagining Tomorrow

A Power, Utilities & Renewables Insight Series

Deloitte’s Imagining Tomorrow series examines a number of key and important themes within the Power, Utilities & Renewables Sector. These themes span from analytics and automation, cyber and cyber risk, changing customer dynamics, renewable and sustainable energy, regulation and energy advisory, future of work, operations excellence as well as the digital utility. Exploring these themes enables the consideration of the most pressing business issues to drive a more sustainable Energy Transition.

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Panel Members:

  • Sandra James – National Lead Partner for Power, Utilities & Renewables, Deloitte Australia
  • James Boyle – Manager, Energy & Climate, Deloitte Australia
  • Anna Freeman – Policy Director, Decarbonisation, Clean Energy Council
  • Stewart Bell – Executive General Manager, Network and Business Development, Powerlink
  • Richard Longstaff – U.S. Public Sector Climate Action Lead, Government and Public Services, Deloitte U.S. 

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The supply of goods, resources and the right workforce is pivotal to Australia’s energy transition as part of our journey to net zero. In this webinar, we will delve into these two connected topics of supply chain transformation and ensuring the right capability and capacity in the Australian workforce. We will delve into the ongoing transformations in the supply chain, emphasising the substantial efforts still needed to ensure that Australia is poised for a sustainable energy future. We will also explore the balance for organisations to support their current workforce while transitioning to a low-carbon future, emphasising the need for a highly skilled and adaptable workforce.

In this webinar, we explored and discussed the challenges present in workforce and supply chain, bringing these perspectives together to discuss these necessary critical changes and strategies to a climate-resilient growth.

Webinar panellists:

  • Andrew Bills – Chief Executive Officer, SA Power Networks
  • Sandra James – National Lead Partner, Power, Utilities & Renewables, Deloitte Australia
  • Katherine Wannan – Partner, Climate & Sustainability, Deloitte Australia
  • Abhineet Lekhi – Partner, Consulting, Deloitte Australia

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