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Connecting the sustainable recovery

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Today, individuals, communities and organisations are seeingpast the initial shock of COVID-19 and turning their minds to the potential ofa post pandemic world. Amid the remaining uncertainty, the narrative of crisisis increasingly matched by one of opportunity in the recovery. The sharedaspiration of turning this unparalleled social and economic shake-up into aprospect for a more resilient and sustainable world is taking many names, fromthe British Government’s “Building Back Better1 ” to the World Economic Forum’s call for a “Global Reset2” and the increasingly popular “Green Recovery” used by the OECD3. All calls to action make businesses, and particularly theFinancial Services and Power Utilities & Renewables sectors, some of thebiggest actors of this recovery. We know progress is possible if we actcollectively, so what choices will we make?

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Published: March 2021

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