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Energy Transition

Transitioning to renewable energy sources

Around Australia and the globe, public and private organisations are coming to terms with the costs and benefits of decarbonising their energy inputs. Deloitte’s energy transition team helps our clients to shape and define their response to this energy transition.   

The energy transition currently underway is not new but it is accelerating. Consumers, companies, market institutions and governments are at different stages of the journey to this energy future.

Our highly experienced and multi-disciplinary team is incredibly passionate about the future of energy. Through our unique market offerings combining deep technical, market and commercial expertise, we have positioned ourselves at the forefront of the energy transition debate and we actively collaborate with our clients to embrace the inevitable change, build resilience into their operating models and shape the future. We assist our clients to solve their biggest issues, identify opportunities, make decisions with confidence and extract value.

Deloitte energy transition – The five pillarsOur team’s offering is centred around five key pillars:

  • Energy market modelling
  • Regulatory change and market reform
  • Decarbonisation
  • New technologies and market entry
  • Renewable energy and enabling infrastructure.

The Renewable Energy Procurement Framework

Renewable energy procurement is increasingly becoming an essential part of a corporate’s energy strategy – but it is not a straightforward process. For energy users pursuing carbon abatement and net zero targets, there are a wide range of paths to take. Deloitte provides a clear step-by-step guide to help clients understand the options and pursue the optimum solution for their operations.

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