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Safety 4.0: A new horizon for mining safety

Key questions and actions for leaders across 4 layers of safety

Today, the world we operate in is increasingly complex and this has shifted the dial in modern mining safety–expanding into new terrain and adding further light and shade to traditional ones.

Modern mining safety is multifaceted, but we’ve captured four key dimensions–what we call Safety 4.0–the four layers of safety that leaders must consider and work towards to create a safe, sustainable, inclusive, resilient and successful organisation.

By looking beyond the current landscape towards this new horizon of safety, mining leaders can gain the perspective needed to succeed in an increasingly disruptive and challenging era. And those who embrace and integrate these layers of modern mining safety will be building secure foundations that safeguard their organisation and its people into the future.

The Safety 4.0 report will set you on the right course to achieving this goal. This guide outlines the key considerations in each of the four dimensions in more detail, provides key questions that mining leaders should be asking, and actions they should take to be at the forefront on each dimension.

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