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Energy management in mining - An emerging capability for the energy transition


Justine Winston Smith - Partner, Climate & Sustainability, Fiona Bishop - Director, Climate & Sustainability, Stef Pienaar - Director, Energy & Resources

The global climate crisis is pushing the mining industry to embrace energy management as a crucial capability. Demand for critical minerals in the energy sector is set to surge (6 times 2021 levels by 2040), as will energy-intensive metal production. Electricity supply for mining operations shifts from fossil fuel power stations to a vast portfolio of renewable supply and storage – with renewables dominating the energy mix by 2030 (increasing by 50% on global 2021 levels).

To thrive in this changing landscape, mining operations must prepare for the transition to a new energy paradigm and adopt new energy management strategies. Sitting at the nexus of energy supply, demand and enabling resources & technology, energy management in operations considers optimising energy-intensive processes, introducing operational flexibility, and integrated planning led by AI-assisted decision-making. Adaptation is urgent to stay competitive in the evolving energy transition.


Justine Winston Smith - Partner, Climate & Sustainability, Fiona Bishop - Director, Climate & Sustainability, Stef Pienaar - Director, Energy & Resources

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