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Australia's Health Reimagined

Voice of the Workforce

Report authors: Justin Scanlan and Renée Judd


As the demands on our health system rapidly escalate due to an ageing and growing population, increased life expectancy, and the enduring effects of COVID-19, it will come as no surprise that the strain on our healthcare workforce has intensified. Australia’s Health Reimagined: Voice of the Workforce aims to contribute to a redesigned system where the voices of those on the front line are heard and understood.

This report unpacks the experiences and perspectives of 385 clinicians and 42 senior healthcare executives (CxOs) nationally spanning both public and private sectors and proposes tangible actions leaders can take to better redesign, reengage, retain, reach and reform the healthcare workforce.

Explore some of the key insights found in the report below:

Voice of the Workforce: Australian frontline clinicians

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