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Life sciences supply chain

Driving better performance and patient outcomes


The life sciences industry is facing challenges such as growth and profitability focus that has resulted in a global manufacturing footprint while mega mergers are driving the need for significant synergies. As the industry moves away from traditional models, advanced manufacturing techniques are required to meet profitability goals. Also, new regulations are challenging current pricing norms and requiring companies to adopt more cost effective manufacturing techniques. Regulatory requirements are changing and the need for customised products is driving up R&D effort and cost.

Core offerings 

Deloitte helps clients to leverage their supply chains for competitive advantage and better patient outcomes by delivering capabilities within these areas:

  • Operations transformation (including M&A)
    Helping life sciences companies rethink operating models in order to deal with increased M&A activity, globalisation and operating challenges
  • Product development
    Helping life sciences companies thrive in an environment of shrinking product portfolio, increasing R&D costs, eroding profit margins due to cost and complexity of operations and increased regulatory scrutiny
  • Supply chain planning and execution
    Translating supply chain planning and execution into a competitive advantage by balancing cost, service and agility in an environment challenged by rising costs, increased pricing pressure, and growing complexity
  • Sourcing & procurement
    Transforming companies’ procurement and sourcing through the use of (digital) technology while managing risk and optimising cost
  • Logistics & distribution
    Optimising distribution networks and processes for better patient outcomes and profitability
  • Manufacturing
    Reducing manufacturing and support costs, improve operational efficiency and cost structure, and build client skillsets to sustain results
  • Digital supply chain
    Developing integrated ecosystems of value chain partners where information is continuously transitioned between the physical and digital worlds to create smarter, faster, more connected, more agile, and more transparent supply network