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Western Sydney Economic Outlook

An Emerging High-Tech Industrial Powerhouse

Can a dance between constraint and creativity could open the door for Western Sydney to deliver high-value industry, high-paying jobs and future prosperity?


The latest edition of the Western Sydney Economic Outlook looks at the emerging high-tech industrial powerhouse that Western Sydney stands poised to become. As Greater Sydney grows, it is more important than ever to ensure that there is sufficient industrial land available to service the needs of the growing population, enable Greater Sydney to be home to high value businesses, and continue to act as a gateway to the world.

From servicing the needs of the local population, such as having close access to distribution centres, to ensuring there is sufficient land for future businesses, there is significant need for all levels of government to balance the need for industrial lands against the growing pressures of the housing market. 


Nafees Beg
Senior Analyst, Financial Advisory

Dominic Behrens
Analyst, Financial Advisory

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'From Growing Pains to Making Gains', Western Sydney Ecomonic Outlook Edition 1

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