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Future Queensland

Transition, Transform, Grow

Together we can make a difference and remain future confident

In 2017 Deloitte Access Economics (DAE) released Confidently Queensland, a report which demonstrated a bold vision for how business, governments and communities could grow our economy and make Queensland the best it can be. 

Five years on, the prospect for our future has been redefined. Climate change and decarbonisation, technology, and digitalisation all combine to structurally adjust the Queensland economy and give rise to new areas of growth, presenting opportunities for Queensland to be positioned at the global economic frontier.

To come out of this stronger we need to be in tune with these structural shifts and coordinate policy, investments, and workers to ensure that disruption is minimised, and growth opportunities are seized. Now is the time to imagine a Future Queensland through how we:

Transitioning to a renewable energy powerhouse, equipping the workforce with the skills for the future, supporting the state's thriving businesses and delivering an inclusive and increasingly circular economy.

Transforming the energy, skilling, health, and infrastructure sectors that underpin the economy—and include all Queenslanders in this transformation

Setting the state up to grow with its characteristic confidence into the second half of the 21st century

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