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Future of mobility

February 2018

Where could cities go tomorrow? Deloitte’s City Mobility Index helps sign-post a direction for city leaders.

What does smart urban mobility look like, city-by-city? How are global cities faring so far? Learn the steps that cities can take to realize the future of mobility in the coming decades.

A smart city is a data-driven city, one in which municipal leaders have an increasingly sophisticated understanding of conditions in the areas they oversee, including the urban transportation system. In the past, regulators used questionnaires and surveys to map user needs. Today, platform operators can rely on databases to provide a more accurate picture in a much shorter time frame at a lower cost. Now, leaders can leverage a vast array of data from the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and other digital technologies to develop and inform intelligent decisions about people, places, and products.

Given the essential enabling role transportation plays in a city’s sustained economic prosperity, Deloitte set out to create a new and better way for city officials to gauge the health of their mobility network and their readiness to embrace the future. The result is the Deloitte City Mobility Index (DCMI), a collection of conscious choices based on our vision of what smart urban mobility should look like. The DCMI is an in-depth exploration into the rapid changes occurring in the way people and goods move about, with intermodal journeys, active transportation options, such as sidewalks and bicycle lanes, and public transit playing prominent roles. The DCMI places economic prosperity at its core, takes a holistic view of the city’s entire mobility landscape, and it is informed by our clear image of how the future of mobility could unfold in urban areas.

To develop a picture of mobility across the globe, we went beyond what transportation looks like today to explore what mobility could be in a truly smart, liveable, economically vibrant city. We invite you to read the overview of how we constructed the DCMI and a discussion of some of our key findings. You can also explore the accompanying in-depth city profiles for 18 global cities, including Sydney and Melbourne, and the interactive feature. We will be expanding the DCMI over time to include other cities. Read the full document here

Our Global Transport Leader, Simon Dixon, will be visiting Australia and New Zealand in early March to meet with our government clients to discuss DCMI and key findings. If you would like more information please contact either Kellie Nuttall or Ben Woodlock.

23-26 January 2018 | Davos-Klosters, Switzerland

The World Economic Forum Meeting in Davos is an annual opportunity for leaders across business and government to come together to discuss solutions to the world’s most pressing economic and social challenges. Deloitte joins these global leaders and participates in discussions and events designed to develop meaningful and measurable solutions to these challenges. Please join the conversation by exploring Deloitte’s Davos insights, attending one of our livestream events, and browsing the perspectives of our leaders in attendance.

Serving with the World Economic Forum as a project advisor, Deloitte is making an impact that matters by helping shape the Forum agenda on global issues. This year, Deloitte serves as the exclusive advisor for a Future of Mobility project:

Designing seamless integrated mobility

Project advisor: Scott Corwin

The emergence of a new mobility ecosystem is being sculpted by the confluence of significant technological and social trends. Fully realized, the global transportation network promises to be faster, cleaner, safer, and more efficient in the future. This project focuses on developing the strategies and requirements that will bring a new mobility ecosystem to life in communities around the globe. Working with a diverse group of senior corporate and government officials representing relevant sectors, Deloitte and the Forum are establishing parameters for seamless, intermodal transportation of people and goods. Learn more about the project and the breadth and depth of Deloitte’s Future of Mobility activities on the Designing seamless integrated mobility project page.

Elevating the Future of Mobility: Passenger drones and flying cars

While flying cars may sound as if they belong to science fiction, technology seems to have brought them closer to reality-potentially helping to create a faster, cheaper, cleaner, safer, and more integrated transportation system. Read the full article here.

Incumbent Moves

Ford Plans to Invest $11 Billion to Electrify Its 'Most Iconic' Vehicles - Fortune, January 15, 2018

Customer Experience

Ford Prepares for Food Delivery in Era When Diners Talk to Cars - Bloomberg Technology, January 9, 2018

Mobility Developments

US will reveal revised autonomous car guidelines this summer - Engadget, January 15, 2017

Trends Affecting Other Sectors

Pizza Hut boldly says driverless delivery will actually create more jobs - The Washington Post, January 17, 2018

Disruptor Moves

BlackBerry launches cybersecurity software for self-driving cars.- Reuters, January 15, 2018

Join Deloitte at the SingularityU Australia Summit – a unique Silicon Valley educational institute and business incubator that aims to prepare leaders for a future that looks nothing like the past.

Event details

Date: 19-21 February 2018

Venue: International Convention Centre Sydney

We live in a time where unprecedented change is disrupting how we work and live. New technologies are shifting our personal and professional worlds, business models are changing what’s possible, and our response is either adapt or fall behind.

Hear from an incredible line-up of speakers on exponential technologies and the strategic implications and impacts on you and your business. Watch this video, for a quick taster of what you can expect over the three days.

Deloitte has a specific discount code when purchasing tickets, if you would like more information, please contact Ben Woodlock or Kellie Nuttall.

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