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Digitally Delivered Infrastructure

The transition to digitally delivered

Digitally delivered infrastructure represents a fundamental shift in how a project is designed, constructed and operated, providing an opportunity to gain safety, efficiency, and significant financial benefits. The challenges associated with the delivery and operation of complex infrastructure in today’s marketplace have a common thread; the effective use of real-time data and analytics. Digital – when integrated and used effectively – has the potential to add significant value.

We bring the full depth and breadth of digital capabilities to understand the current and emerging technologies and their current potential application across the capital project and asset lifecycle. We compliment this with our expertise in agile delivery and human centred design to directly engage the end users and drive adoption through incremental value delivery at the points that matter most in the lifecycle. Our focus is to bring a digital strategy that sets a strong ambition and clearly addresses where the value from harnessing digital disruption into capital projects is likely to be today and tomorrow.

We can support you to shape your digital strategy and then put in place the required tools and capabilities to deliver on this vision across the capital project and asset lifecycle.

Our capabilties include:

  • Intelligent Major Capital Projects: We leverage digital, data and analytics to support you in accessing real time information to support speed of decision making across the project and asset lifecycle to de-risk your programs and optimise the value delivered.
  • Digital Asset Information Management: We take a digital approach to managing Asset information to drive benefits across design, procurement, construction, commissioning and in operations.
  • Agile delivery models: We take an agile approach to how we work with clients to deliver digital, starting small and scaling fast so there is immediate return on investment.
  • Human centred design: We put users at the centre of everything we do ensure delivery is focused on the key pain and opportunity points and that there is ownership and adoption of the solution to support sustainability of practice.
  • Advanced analytics for Safety: We apply machine learning and predictive analytics to determine critical events within capital projects that materially change the level of risk.
  • Supply Chain Illumination: We can provide transparency across multiple tiers, leverage big data and BI to build supply network maps, and develop actionable insights.
  • Process Automation: We can deliver a centralised application for everything related to expediting, by applying process streamlining and process automation techniques.
  • Field Mobility: We can help you develop field mobility strategies, design field mobility solutions and implement them, and bring capital projects closer to advanced decisions making through close to real time information management.

We help you transform projects from today’s plans to tomorrow’s outcomes. It starts now.



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