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Transforming government post–COVID-19

How flipping orthodoxies can reinvent government operating models

Governments around the world are beginning to reopen not only their economies but their own offices and operations. However, governments shouldn’t strive to go back to business as usual.

Government operating models will need to change to adapt to the new post COVID-19 reality.

The response to the pandemic is highlighting many of government’s orthodoxies —deeply held beliefs about how things should be done—that often go unstated  and unquestioned. Examining and flipping these could lead to significant improvements in government. Governments should strive to transform their operations not only in health care but in areas like service delivery, workforce, regulation, and procurement.

In this report, we examine 10 government orthodoxies being challenged by the pandemic, and how flipping them could lead to greater mission value, developing a culture of innovation, a better experience for citizens, businesses, and employees, and revamped postpandemic operating models.

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