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Regulatory Intelligence and Simplification

RegExplorer™ - A Deloitte artificial intelligence platform purpose-built to accelerate your regulatory transformation journey

Regulators from around the world are rethinking their approaches and adopting agile, iterative, and collaborative models to drive regulatory reform. There is an unprecedented need to analyse the vast corpus of regulatory stock, to simplify, modernise and transform regulation.

Deloitte’s RegExplorer combines subject matter expertise with Augmented Intelligence to deliver practical solutions. Our cutting-edge artificial intelligence digests, analyses, and understands links within a regulatory corpus and across regulatory institutions, allowing you to discover opportunities to accelerate and streamline regulatory reform and burden reduction efforts.


Get greater confidence by being able to monitor your regulatory obligations and the impact they have on the regulated community, quickly navigating from regulatory obligation to the part of the community that is impacted.

Accelerate regulatory transformation

Governments are engaged in various forms of regulatory modernization – from burden reduction, streamlining, de-duplication, cost reduction, and removing conflicting regulation.

RegExplorer provides accessible, augmented intelligence tools that help government SMEs find opportunities in regulatory stock to support different types of regulatory modernisation goals.

Automate burdensome tasks

Governments around the world are moving their workforce from low value work to high value work (i.e. administrative to mission-focused work).

RegExplorer facilitates the shift towards high value work through automating and accelerating the low value reading, searching, and collating information that often takes government workers days, weeks, or months to accomplish.

Enable knowledge transfer

Government regulations are typically very complex, and are the product of many years of advanced policy and mission-focused work.

RegExplorer mitigates potential knowledge drain as government workers retire and provides an online reference and knowledge source for new workers to access regulations and insights that drive their respective mission.

Understand the impact of regulatory change

Changing one regulation can impact regulations across a number of government portfolios, presenting a challenge for governments and regulators to ensure that proposed changes do not conflict with existing regulations.

RegExplorer can provide regulatory eco-maps to understand the inter-connectivity of regulations and the impacts of changes.

How RegExplorer can assist

The RegExplorer implementation process begins with conducting research on the tool to understand the regulatory context for a particular topic or institution. This context then feeds the second stage analysis.

Once the regulatory landscape has been researched, the RegExplorer solution can compare regulations quickly leveraging advanced natural language processing and machine learning methods.

Comparisons against external state, local, federal, or transnational regulations can yield insights on potential sections for streamlining or elimination (i.e. regulations potentially out of date, conflicting, redundant, or have "broken" citation structures).

How the tool can be used across your regulatory journey

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Published: September 2021

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