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Public sector innovation around the globe

How are governments and public sector leaders using innovation to respond to challenges and transform government service delivery?

Explore a selection of ground-breaking research from Deloitte’s Centre for Government Insights, and inspiring stories and thought leadership developed by Deloitte’s global public sector network.

2022 Government Trends

We invite you to explore this year's ten transformative trends that focus on how governments are striving to become future-ready post pandemic. We cover the most transformative trends in government today, grouped under three themes—building resilience, connected for greater value, and government for all the people  

Deloitte Insights, 2022

How the US government can accelerate AI entrepreneurship

The US government can play a big role in helping AI entrepreneurs and, thus, accelerating AI innovation

Deloitte Insights, 2022

AI with purpose - Ireland’s vision for artificial intelligence

As Ireland announced its first AI Ambassador and the Department of Trade, Enterprise and Employment sets an ambition to have 75% of all enterprises to be using AI, cloud and big data by 2030, we look at Ireland's AI Strategy in detail.

Deloitte Insights, 2022

Operator! Operator! Operator! Reimagining the government contact center experience–serving people with empathetic technology

Government contact centers can deliver empathetic and effective assistance by putting technology in the service of people

Deloitte Insights, 2022

The future of government contact centers

Seven strategies for quantum leap improvement

Deloitte Insights, 2022

The Revenue Authority of the Future: An African Perspective

The saying ‘Nothing is certain but death and taxes’, often attributed to Benjamin Franklin, hints at the inevitability and importance of taxes in an economy. Some might see taxes as a necessary evil, but it is irrefutable, that taxes are vital for governments to deliver on their promises to their constituencies.

Deloitte Insights, 2022


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