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Government Trends 2024

The eight trends propelling the 10x government of the future

Governments are strategically combining multiple tools and techniques to achieve 10x improvement across operations, service delivery, customer experience, and mission outcomes.

Around the globe, we are seeing signs of a renaissance in government, a quantum leap in public service performance that can potentially offer a tenfold improvement in operations and service delivery. It’s a movement we are terming 10x government and the focus of this year’s Government Trends report.

10x government is about convergence—orchestrating a harmonious interplay of technology, process, policy innovation, workforce, and regulatory changes to engineer unparalleled results. The ongoing digital revolution and advances in AI have already set the stage for significant shifts, but true transformation will demand the synergy of technological advances, business innovation, human-centered design, and cross-sector collaboration.

In our report, you’ll find real-world examples of this transformation, showcasing the seismic change that’s already underway. Learn more about the power of innovation and convergence and the trends propelling the 10x government of the future. 

    The eight 10x trends transforming government in 2024

    Government leaders around the world are seeing greater benefits of increased operational speed. By introducing new technologies along with reimagined processes, governments can deliver faster services with far less friction without sacrificing service quality.

    Advances in AI, including generative AI, provide an opportunity to jumpstart a new era of increased productivity in the public sector. Governments should ensure that they have a solid foundation of digital capabilities—including data, cloud, and digital processes—and then test and scale powerful AI applications.

    In an era of rapid change, government leaders are embracing the imperative of being agile. Many governments are abandoning traditional processes to move toward flexible approaches to policymaking, funding, technology development, and decision-making.

    Transformational innovations are already shaping the future. Governments can help ensure these innovations address today’s most pressing needs by aligning interests within innovation ecosystems.

    Government agencies are collaborating with other entities and the private sector to solve challenging problems, achieving a 10x boost in mission effectiveness. Using technology infrastructure and policy measures, governments are helping to address some of the toughest societal problems that transcend traditional jurisdictional boundaries.

    Governments are embedding resilience within their operations, enhancing their capacity to operate during disruptions while safeguarding the community.

    Governments are designing inclusive policies and accessible services for the public, building a diverse public-sector workforce of the future, and engaging a broader vendor ecosystem to achieve more equitable outcomes. 

    Digital technology offers the opportunity for 10X-level improvements to customer experience. Digital services are helping governments be efficient, frictionless, and personalised. Adoption of digital public infrastructure like digital identity, digital payments, and data exchange platforms can create a proactive government that anticipates citizens' needs.

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