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Where physical and digital meet: Digital twin for resilient infrastructure

Climate change is the challenge of our time - and protecting public infrastructure from climate-related risks will demand an ability to address the complexities that come with burgeoning data. Digital twin technology can offer a way forwards, enabling governments to turn complex data into insights that can guide decision-making to create a more resilient future. 

Climate change continues to pose an immense threat to our environment and daily lives. Though governments have access to data that can shed light on how to mitigate the risks of climate extremes, building solutions using traditional methods has its limitations – leaving little room for trial and error. 

Advanced digital twin technology can provide an effective way forwards. This technology can allow governments and policymakers to test planning and design assumptions, identify failure points and assess the performance of existing and new infrastructure projects, driving effective decision making and policy implementation. 

Where physical and digital meet: Digital twin for a resilient infrastructure examines how digital twins can support the public sector in building infrastructure resilience, guiding governments through the considerations for leveraging digital twins to protect citizens, communities and the planet.

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