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Beyond the Trend podcast series

Join us for conversations with government leaders to explore the emerging trends impacting the public sector

Deloitte’s Beyond the Trend podcast explores the most transformative trends impacting government today, taking you behind the scenes as we discuss the movements that are shaping our nation.

Throughout this series we will be joined by government leaders and public sector influencers to get an insight into how the trends are impacting their day-to-day role and what it means for their organisations.

The trends covered in this series derive from Deloitte’s global Government Trends Report which distils years of research on government operations, coupled with on-the-ground coverage of what is happening in the trenches right now.

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Our climate is changing. As new challenges and opportunities emerge, how can leaders pave the path to a more sustainable future?

Join Tayanah O’Donnell, partner in Deloitte Risk Advisory’s Asia-Pacific Climate Change and Sustainability practice, and Vicki Woodburn, Group Executive at the Australian Climate Service, as they explore how governments are addressing climate change.

Listen to Episode 1 on Spotify or Apple.

Governments play a critical role in creating ecosystems that foster innovation. How has this been achieved in the Justice System in Queensland and Australia more broadly?

Listen in as our National Security & Justice Lead, Frank O’Toole and Queensland’s Attorney-General and Minister for Justice, Minister for Women and the Prevention of Domestic and Family Violence, Shannon Fentiman MP, deep dive into our government trend, ‘Government as Catalyst: Driving Innovation Ecosystems’ through the lens of the justice system.

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Governments use information technology to improve policy, decision-making, and service delivery by gleaning useful insights from data. But disparate leadership, priorities, and budgets have created a patchwork approach to technology adoption, with no guarantee that systems can easily communicate.

This situation began changing rapidly as the COVID-19 pandemic began. As policymakers and health experts desperately sought up-to-date information, governments were forced to break down data silos, coordinate with companies and universities, and expand their roster of data talent.

In this episode Greg Frith, Partner in Consulting Strategy AI and Transformation and Marek Rucinski - Deputy Commissioner - Head of Smarter Data Program - Australian Taxation Office | LinkedIn, Deputy Commissioner of the Smarter Data Program in the Australian Taxation Office explore how government agencies can push for efficiency and effectiveness while maintaining citizen trust and ethics.

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The pandemic has vastly increased the need for robust global health partnerships – together we can be better prepared by building warning systems for outbreak, and collaborate on research.

In this episode Dr Stephanie Allen, our Global Health Lead and Ronald Lavater, CEO of the International Hospital Federation (IHF), chat through our trend 'New era of global public health partnerships: collaborating for better health preparedness’ as it applies globally and from an IHF perspective. 

Listen to Episode 4 on Spotify or Apple.

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