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Pradeep Philip's AFR Government Services Panel Insights

Key insights from the AFR Government Services Summit

Pradeep Philip, Deloitte Access Economics Lead Partner, joined 'The future of economy-wide services strategy to support citizens, business and growth' panel at the AFR Government Services Summit on Tuesday, 26 July 2022 alongside Linda Scott, President, Australian Local Government Association; Adam Fennessy PSM, Victorian Public Sector Commissioner; Gordon de Brouwer PSM, Secretary for Public Sector Reform; and Jennifer Hewett, National Affairs Columnist, The Australian Financial Review.

Read on to discover Pradeep's key insights from the panel discussion. 

1.    Integrated government

The problems we face and that our citizens tell us about are, by definition, complex. We cannot solve them on our own, which is why the integration collaboration point matters.

The art of collaboration and integration has to have a new focus. That is, what is the issue we're solving and how do you not just define it in terms of price, how do you derive the value for those citizens around that issue?
2. The public and private sector: driving value

One of the things that can drive greater collaboration and trust between the public and the private sector, is we've got to define our problems better. There are too many instances where, as a consultant, I work with governments, and the problem is not well defined. And this causes an enormous amount of difficulties and costs for both sides. On the other side, there is an increasing recognition that consultants need to really understand the public value, and public interest so that you get that better integration collaboration right.
3. Demand for services

There's a lot of demand for our business, and for governments, the business of providing services. The question is, what's the ROI, what's the return on investment for this?
We should ask the question, what are we getting from the spend? And that's what's important, because you can spend a lot and get no value. You can spend a little and get enormous value and something in between.

I don't think we are spending enough time saying, for the amount of money we do spend, what is the value and can we get better value for our citizens? We haven't done enough of that planning, and thinking about where value resides, and how we're going to go after it.

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