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City of Melbourne Independent Transport Review

Optimising the transport network to support a recovering city

The extensive and disruptive lockdowns that the City of Melbourne has experienced over the last 18 months have caused widespread, detrimental impact on the travel and activity of what is typically a vibrant and lively city.

The City of Melbourne needed to identify adjustments that could be made to the city's transport network and operations, which would enable more people to get back into and around the city.

Deloitte Australia was commissioned to conduct an independent review,analysing the demands and attitudes towards transport both pre-COVID and in the midst of the pandemic, as well as the future needs of the city.
The review made five strategic recommendations to the City of Melbourne to assist in the acceleration of their economic recovery:

  • Encourage flexible work hours to reduce peak demand
  • Reallocate road and parking spaces for local activations
  • Trial demand-responsive parking pricing to encourage off-peak visits
  • Remove key physical touchpoints across the CBD
  • Provide real-time public transport tracking and capacity data

For further information regarding the review, download the full report.

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