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Public Sector Operations

Running complex Government solutions simply

Whether during ‘normal’ times or after a crisis, it’s imperative that citizen interactions with Government for advice or services are efficient, seamless and timely. Deloitte is dedicated to helping all levels of Government give citizens the support they need no matter the circumstances.

In times of stability or crisis, citizens expect their interactions with government to be efficient, timely and fair. Deloitte’s Public Sector Operations team is dedicated to supporting all levels of Government give citizens the support they need, no matter the circumstances.

Our team of experts is as diverse as the range of issues we help our clients solve. From large-scale delivery operations, grant assessment programs to clearing backlogs - we ensure that Government programs are administered equitably, accurately and efficiently.

Our approach merges high-performing team members with agile and adaptive technology, decades of global best-practice learnings and unique shared delivery models. We work closely with departments to tailor our approach and methodology, and frequently take on operational accountability to support their teams when rapid scale or unique capability is required.

Our suite of solutions can help to rapidly respond to incoming citizen enquiries, building workflows to support repetitive and complex processing, triaging, and prioritising applications, implementing quality control mechanisms, and providing audit and reporting capabilities to provide transparency and good governance.

Building the best solution with smart humans and the right technology

Our approach to technology is flexible so that we can meet the needs and reach the most favourable outcomes for each parties’ unique preferences and needs. Whether we use our clients’ technology, our own assets, or work with an alliance partner – we focus on understanding what is required before we commit to building the best solution.