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Business Chemistry®

Using Science to Improve the Art of Relationships

Have you ever pondered what makes people click or clash? Why some virtual interactions are easier than others? How leaders can make or break team potential? Business Chemistry® can help provide the answers. Based on extensive research and advanced analytics, plus years of proven success in the field, the Business Chemistry framework provides a simple yet powerful way to identify meaningful differences between people’s working styles.

Expressly designed for use in a business context, Business Chemistry® can help you understand where others are coming from, appreciate the strengths they bring, and determine what they need in order to excel. It is used by hundreds of thousands of professionals around the world to build stronger relationships, increase team performance, and create exceptional organisations.

Business Chemistry® Facilitated Sessions

Our premium facilitated sessions are delivered virtually or face-to-face:

  • Determine your own Business Chemistry type
    Spend 10 minutes completing an online assessment to get a detailed report about your working style
  • Understand Others
    Learn how to identify the four Business Chemistry types to help you develop a hunch about other people’s working styles through observation
  • Explore your team
    Discover your team’s composition and unique characteristics
  • Adapt your style
    Explore ways to engage more effectively with individuals and your team
  • Put Chemistry to work
    We practice what we teach by creating fun and memorable experiences that engage participants through active learning.

Published August 2020
Contact us: Reach out to Deloitte's Chief Chemist to request a Business Chemistry session for your team.