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RG 78 Breach Reporting – What's Changed?

It has been more than a year since ASIC released Regulatory Guide 78 Breach Reporting by AFS licensees and credit licensees (RG 78) and the financial industry took steps to respond to these heightened requirements. Following extensive consultation with the financial services industry, on 23 April 2023, ASIC released an updated RG 78 with the aim to improve consistency and quality of reporting and reduce regulatory burden in some areas. 

To find out more about the changes, as well as how they impact organisations and what should be considered, download our RG 78 Updates Placemat. 

This Placemat is based on Deloitte’s industry insights across the financial services sector, and includes information on how we can help organisations manage their incidents and breach reporting requirements to achieve compliance but also much more importantly to receive richer insights into your business when things don’t go right.

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