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Dynamics of the Australian Superannuation System

The next 20 years to 2041

In this tenth edition of Deloitte’s Dynamics of the Australian Superannuation System, we discuss the frenetic pace of change in the Australian superannuation industry. We discuss how the Your Future, Your Super initiatives and increased trustee focus on the Best Financial Interests of members will continue to encourage consolidation and rationalisation within the industry.

Within this report, we have considered what the superannuation industry should expect in the next 20 years regarding:

  • The size of the superannuation assets
  • Changes in market share of different sectors
  • Shifting demographics and longevity in an ageing population
  • The dominance of superannuation assets relative to GDP and in domestic asset allocations (such as the Australian share market)

The dynamics of the retirement income system will continue to shift over the coming decades.

We trust you will find this report useful and thought provoking and we lookforward to discussing it with you as you consider the superannuation industry,your own needs and objectives, member outcomes, and the implications of ourprojections. We are available to present our findings and strategic perspectiveto executive teams and Boards.

If you would like to obtain more detailed information on the market projectionsset out in this report to inform your business planning, we would be happy todiscuss how we can support you.

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