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Enabling agility, scalability and innovation

In Australia, payments are undergoing transformational change and will continue to take on increased importance in the future of financial services.

Competition is accelerating across the fragmented payments value chain. While these competitive forces are shrinking margins in payments, they are unlocking new business models and experiences.

At Deloitte, we help leaders understand these forces, make strategic choices and help them through executing on them. Ultimately, our vison is to enable Australian citizens to enjoy world-class payments experiences and Australian businesses to become more globally competitive.

Deloitte Australia’s payments practice brings a dedicated team of local payments experts supercharged with our global network of 2,000+ payments professionals. With Deloitte, you get access to local and global cross-functional teams across advisory, digital, technology, tax, risk and assurance.

We support industry bodies, banks, payments providers, businesses and governments solve their toughest challenges, drive innovation to unlock new growth plays and offer delightful experiences to their customers.

We are driving change in Australia’s national payments landscape and we focus on delivering value-oriented outcomes that address key payments issues:

  • Enabling agility, scale and resilience through the modernisation of the payments landscape – from strategy, architecture to implementation
  • Accelerating compliance and standardisation - SWIFT ISO20022, HVCS modernisation, AES migration and more
  • Understanding and preparing for national level agendas – BECS decommission and the move to real-time, Open Banking, upgradation of security standards (e.g. AES), and more
  • Enabling new growth plays and propositions – Payment-as-a-Service plays, alternative payment methods, digital currencies, central bank digital currency (CBDC) and more
  • Unlocking payments data to enable growth - B2B payments, embedded finance, open data, value added services and more
  • Driving speed and value through partnerships – from understanding partnership ecosystems to integration
  • Driving new payments experiences for customers, businesses and merchants
  • Managing shifts in economic models for payments
  • Driving cost reduction through operating model optimisation, digitisation and automation

Please reach out to us to discuss how we can support you in shaping the future of payments for you and your customers.