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Tap into a range of world-class actuarial and advisory services driven by deep financial services expertise, value-driven commercial insights and an endless pursuit of innovation.

In a disrupted world, the role of the actuary is evolving. At Deloitte, we combine technical actuarial skills with deep industry knowledge and a strategic mindset to help you achieve incredible commercial outcomes.

Our team comprises not just actuaries, but a skilled team of investment advisory, wealth management and data science professionals to ensure we offer the most relevant skills for insurers, banks, wealth managers and superannuation funds. And we have extensive experience advising clients all over the world, from industry leaders to niche players.

In our Insurance Solutions offering, we provide insurers and reinsurers with core actuarial advice and innovative solutions across strategy, M&A, valuation, pricing, capital management, statutory actuarial services, data optimisation and organisational transformation.

Through Investment and Superannuation Advisory, we use our deep understanding of the issues, financial drivers and business processes of our investment and superannuation fund clients to guide strategy development and benchmarking, through to investment opportunity and management reviews. We can support M&A end-to-end through due diligence and integration, and implement best-in-class data models and technology.

Our Business Algorithms team can help you see around the corner with sophisticated risk modelling, remediation and customer analytics. They can design algorithms to solve your organisation’s critical challenges, and are ready to implement quantitative solutions for government, healthcare and insurance.

It takes more than just know-how to unlock the full potential of the actuary. We believe innovation is key to not only solve your toughest challenges, but also shape a better world. It’s why we bring actuarial methods to the forefront of emerging issues such as social impact and sustainability. And it’s the inspiration behind work like our biennial Dynamics of the Australian Superannuation System report, or our database for flood mapping. With access to hundreds of proprietary data assets, we can strengthen our analysis by drawing powerful insights from geospatial and demographic data.

This blend of experience, innovation and commercial knowledge is what allows us to achieve world-class outcomes for our clients. Working together, we can leverage the vast capabilities of our global actuarial network and harness the innovations you need to lead at the edge.