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Energy System Deep Dive - The Electrification of Everything

The necessary transformation to securing Australia's decarbonisation

Over the next decade, Deloitte Access Economics estimates around $25 billion must be reallocated away from emissions-intensive to low emissions assets in the energy system, and around $100 billion of additional capital must flow into low emissions assets in order for the Australian economy to meet its 2050 net zero ambitions.


In this deep dive into the energy system, we explore: 

  • The speed and scale at which transformation must take place – the next decade is crucial to turning our ambition into action
  • The structural and economic transformation of the energy system that is required – the energy system of tomorrow will look radically different to what it does today.
  • What does this mean for the system’s incumbents, disrupters and enablers, and how will each adapt to the changes.
  • What are the key shifts and trends – decarbonisation, decentralisation and digitisation – and what are the key questions your business needs to consider as it navigates the transition.


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