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Across the rapidly changing energy and resources landscape, we are putting a spotlight on the latest issues that every leader should keep top of mind. Tune in below to E&R Insights, our podcast series:

Marlene Motyka and Bernadette Cullinane discuss renewable energy, smart cities, global insights and the diversity of trends we are currently seeing.

Podcast perspectives with Sarah McAlister-Smiley and Joanna Spanjaard explain how diversity can alleviate "sharks and bandwagons" in the gas sector.

Dr. Dominic Emery, BP's Vice President for Group Strategic Planning, discusses BP's future strategies on decarbonisation and diversification in the energy market.

Australia’s Chief Scientist Dr. Alan Finkel discusses evolution withing the energy industry and the rise of Hydrogen as a future energy export for Australia.

Across the rapidly changing energy landscape, we put a spotlight on the latest issues that every leader should keep top of mind.

Julie Harrison is the lead Partner for the Human Capital team in Western Australia, and is the National Human Capital Energy & Resources Leader for Australia. Her areas of expertise include organisation design, strategic change, technology adoption and leadership and culture change. Julie is passionate about delivering people and outcome oriented transformation, as well as the capability development of both our own people and our clients.

Listen in to Julie’s podcast which explores why wellbeing and the digital workforce should be key priorities for Energy and Resources leaders.

John O’Brien is a Partner in the Financial Advisory group at Deloitte Australia. John uses his 20+ years’ experience in the Australian energy sector to advise Government, private sector operators, large energy consumers and investor clients on clean energy and clean technology strategies and projects.

This episode of the podcast dives into the global thinking around the rates of decarbonisation and the overall impact of clean energy for the oil and gas sector.

Bernadette Cullinane is Deloitte Australia’s national oil and gas practice leader and global LNG leader. Bernadette is helping oil and gas companies transitioning to a decarbonising economy where LNG and electricity play increasing roles.

Michael Wood is a director in Deloitte’s risk advisory practice. He has over a decade of experience specialising in development of strategies, to improve the productivity and performance of business through energy optimisation and the evaluation of new and emerging technologies.

Michael and Bernadette discuss the key factors fuelling the energy transition, and share their views on how the sector is responding to renewable energy.

Steve McGill is a Deloitte energy specialist, with a background in upstream oil and gas, solar and storage.

Bernadette and Steve explore the threat and opportunity of electric vehicles, as well as the energy trilemma around transportation (security, affordability and sustainability).

Robin Polson is an energy and resources industry specialist, focusing on strategic value advice and decision analysis. Throughout his 30-year career Robin has been engaged as a trusted financial advisor to the energy and resources industry, and since 2001 has developed a deep focus on the Australian east coast’s coal seam gas and LNG industry.

After years of sustained growth in the industry, Robin explores how organisations are now dealing with the prospect of decommissioning with higher regard to the environmental situation.

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