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Safety 4.0: A new horizon for energy and resources safety

Four layers of safety every leader must consider

In this increasingly transparent world with society expectations of greater responsibility and accountability, energy and resources leaders need to up the ante on all aspects of safety.

Worker safety is as critical as ever, but for energy and resources leaders, whether executives, directors or management, the challenge is no longer just keeping people safe physically. The dial has shifted in modern energy and resources safety.

Modern energy and resources safety is multifaceted, however we’ve captured four key dimensions—what we call Safety 4.0—the four layers of safety that leaders must consider and work towards to create a safe, sustainable, inclusive, resilient and successful organisation. These will need the same level of ownership and commitment currently given to the more traditional view of safety.

An energy and resources organisation that can truly demonstrate leadership on each layer of Safety 4.0 will not only reduce the likelihood of injury to workers and loss of reputation, it will become more attractive to workers, shareholders, community groups and government partners.

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