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Energy accelerated

A future focused Australia

What will you do today to embrace the energy transition and shape the future of energy?

We are in the middle of an energy transition.

The traditional energy supply chain, which has delivered reliable electricity to consumers for decades, is increasingly being disrupted by innovative ways to produce, supply, store, share and consume energy.

New technologies, ideas and business models coupled with consumer empowerment and environmental objectives are driving a new wave of energy services that focus on how things could be done. Amid all this disruption, there is significant uncertainty facing the industry, business and government.

It’s time to reimagine what tomorrow looks like, today.

With the energy sector going through a period of transition and uncertainty not experienced since the industrial revolution, it is naïve to view the world through a single lens. Our report provides multiple lenses that offer insights into possible future worlds.

Four future energy scenarios

Our scenarios build on the current state of play to consider how different futures for the energy market may evolve, highlighting what is possible rather than what is likely:

  1. Fast and Together – proactive consumer, fast global transition and supportive policy
  2. Leader – proactive consumer, slow global transition and supportive policy
  3. Laggard – passive consumer, fast global transition and ambivalent policy
  4. Stagnation – passive consumer, slow global transition and ambivalent policy.

These scenarios provide a framework to consider what you can do today to embrace the energy transition, build resilience into your business and shape the future of energy.

Four future energy scenarios

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