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The Now Consumer Framework

Mapping future moments of opportunity


‘Now’ isn’t just about time; it also reflects an emotional expectation in our consumers. They live and breathe in the here and now. And sharing that moment is where we all want to be.

How do we stay in touch with the Now Consumer?

And how do we go about mapping their interconnected journey? By bringing our unique view of how today’s products and services are shaping our future together in one place. Where our experience can help plot the potential pathways of our future Now Consumer.

Deloitte's Now Consumer framework incorporates 7 steps for Consumer Business executives to work through to be able to thrive in the new normal and remain relevant to the Now Consumer:

  1. Shift the consumer market paradigm
  2. Get to know the Now Consumer
  3. Create the Now Consumer story
  4. Deliver your brand
  5. Empower the future business
  6. Unlock the value of data
  7. Change the organisational mind set.

Now Consumer Digital Ecosystem


To accelerate delivery and activation, Deloitte has created an ecosystem of alliance partners who can help your business hit the ground running and accelerate your transformation journey.

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