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Future of work: Digital skills in the food industry

Taking stock of in-demand digital skills

Technology may not be the only thing unlocking new possibilities for the Future of Work, but it is a major driver. The food industry has seen its effect on work through deployments that enable new forms of e-commerce, automate pick-and-pack operations, manage supply chains, forecast production needs, and more.

In the process of digital transformation, the industry is rearchitecting work to help enable humans and technology to collaborate more closely and effectively. As one might expect, this requires new kinds of skills—different from the ones traditionally sought by the industry. This is now true for frontline workers as well as for the other employees needed to build, implement, and run the technology systems transforming the industry in the first place.

But exactly which digital skills are in demand?

To find out, Deloitte Insights analysed nearly six years of job-postings data and surveyed industry executives. Our new study reveals there’s a core set of digital skills across analytics, automation, and artificial intelligence believed to be essential for the future of work.

Download the report to explore the findings.

Published : January 2022

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