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5 minutes with Ahmed Mahmoud

Please tell us a bit about yourself

Proud husband and active father. From simple humble beginnings where I learned the value of good food, quality time with family and friends. 
You can say that I have always been driven, balanced and just a little impatient 😊 !

I started as a Sales Analyst at Toyota Australia after completing my Masters Degree in Commerce. I learned the importance of great company culture very quickly as I made my way through various sales and marketing roles before completing my time leading company-wide business transformation. With 22 years of love for the industry I decided to further impart my passion with others and join Deloitte professional services.
I’m now in my 5th year at Deloitte I am still learning every day and, I’d like to think, constantly striving to making an impact with my team and valued clients.

This industry keeps us on our toes, there is always disruption and challenges. It’s part of our everyday lives. So, for me it’s most satisfying when we are entrusted by our clients to help them navigate these challenges and physically see the impact of our support and solutions on their business operations. It’s not only about the industry though, I also get a buzz building deep understanding and relationships with many automotive leaders. They are my automotive inspiration. We don’t stand still.

The evolving value chain opportunities, especially connected to financial services, is definitely an area to watch. EV’s and the impact to communities and industry players will also be a significant change. This, coupled with associated logistics and digital transformation, will change the way we view mobility forever. 

Our local and global knowledge in Automotive and leading transformation activities for various consumer retail businesses place us at the forefront of understanding this change. I enjoy the regular dialogue we have with our global network, which helps us anticipate the impact of change to our local industry and adopt best practice effectively. We also never take for granted the growing number of dealerships that place their trust in us with their financial information every month, which now stands at 1650 dealerships. At the core of our role in the industry is the insights we gain from this information; we start with the facts, formulate insights and build strategic solutions accordingly.

Above all, we are blessed to have a highly motivated and capable team with years of dedicated service to our clients. Each team member has their unique passions, which helps us to produce thought leadership and stay ahead of industry changes – I am inspired by them every day. 

I love cycling, managing my son's soccer team and firing up the pizza oven for my family and friends!