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The outlook is bright for the Australian agribusiness sector, with growing demand for our food and agriculture products in Asia. But our environmental and economic landscapes offer particular challenges. Where do the real opportunities lie? And can you stay competitive in the global market?

The agribusiness landscape is continually changing driven by a combination of global and local pressures. Issues include: food security, foreign interest in our farmland, local competition for natural resources, fluctuating commodity prices, the high dollar and an ageing farmer population.

Deloitte recognises the importance of agriculture, economically and as a critical resource for a growing global population, in Australia and globally.

Deloitte’s Agribusiness Advisory team produces a monthly newsletter, the Agribusiness Bulletin that focuses on the national and local industry as well as cross-industry insights and trends.

We welcome any questions or comments about issues you would like to see covered in the future.

Our integrated offering to Agribusiness extends across audit and assurance, consulting, corporate finance, corporate restructuring, digital services, forensic services, insolvency, risk services and tax.

Our services for the agribusiness sector include:

  • Agricultural market modelling
  • Transactional support
  • Improved understanding of cash flows and working capital needs
  • Econometric modelling
  • Financial and operational dashboards to assist with ongoing management
  • Fore sighting and strategic frameworks Solutions to improve performance and grow the business sustainably
  • Consideration of assets, cash flows and operational plans
  • Tax and statutory compliance requirements
  • Sourcing and procurement
  • Integrated cost reduction
  • Supply chain planning and optimisation.