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Where to spend your marketing dollar: using data and AI to find valuable new customers

Did you know that of over 20m Australians, that there are only 541,000 mortgages and 1.4m accounts in motion each year (switchers and openers) according to Deloitte's proprietary research (2021)?

With an ever increasing housing market in Australia, new to bank mortgage acquisition across home buyers and refinance has never been more competitive. 

Deloitte Acquisition.AI puts the power back in the bank's hands to find the next best mortgage customer for their bank, Australia wide. Acquisition.AI has over 4,000 data points and AI models providing an micro-geographic segmentation of the Australian population, enabling banks to significantly increase acquisition of new to bank customers. This blog series uncovers where the battlefield is for the banks mortgage acquisition - and how they can win. Why are customers leaving their current bank in droves, and what is the driver for swtiching? Are the Big4 banks going out of favour, are customers more likely to consider a Tier2 bank, and is this based on interest rate alone? 

Read our 3 part blog series to find out more about the Australian marketplace's mortgage battlefield, and how Deloitte Acquisition.AI enables the bank to acquire more customers, now.

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