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2023 Global Automotive Consumer Study: Australian Edition

Tracking consumer trends in our automotive industry

What consumer trends and disruptive technologies will shape the automotive industry in the coming year? For over a decade, Deloitte has published data and explored insights in our Automotive Consumer Study that can help automotive companies overcome challenges to thrive.

For more than ten years, Deloitte has been exploring the automotive consumer trends that impact our rapidly evolving global mobility system. Once again we surveyed consumers from September through October in 2022, gathering data from over 26,000 consumers across 24 countries and exploring a range of critical issues that are impacting the automotive sector, from electric vehicle adoption, to brand perception and technology deployment. This year our Australian edition shares important insights into the global and local markets, and how they interact, to help companies strategise and invest to be positioned for success in the years to come.

From the 2023 report, four key trends were identified:

  1. The shift to EVs is happening, but individual markets are facing different challenges
  2. There are unintended benefits to the vehicle inventory crisis
  3. Dealers hold significant consumer trust
  4. Subscriptions to connected vehicle services may pose a challenge

Download the full report to discover more on evolving automotive trends.

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