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Charging Ahead

Pioneering the next chapter of the Australian automotive industry

The Australian automotive industry is changing. In this paper, we focus in on the impact of three key shifts that are shaping the future of the industry: decarbonisation, digitisation and mobility. While the future is full of possibilities, it is evident that the three shifts are inevitable. This will lead to a rebalancing of customer touchpoints to be more equal between Dealers and OEMs. It is more important than ever that Dealers and OEMs work together to understand how roles and responsibilities may need to change, and how business models are reconfigured and created to achieve this. This is a positive disruptive period for the industry as new revenue opportunities emerge and the automotive ‘economy’ as a whole will become more prosperous. Dealers and OEMs will need to work closer together than ever before and focus more deeply on the customer to share in a brighter, brilliant future.

As published on GoAuto.


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