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Deloitte’s Automotive team is committed to deliver specialist value-added services and products to the motor industry, providing services to motor dealerships, distributors and manufacturers across Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

Data-driven solutions to maximise impact

From advanced technologies to supply chain disruptions and climate change regulations, many automotive companies are facing ongoing challenges from the industry's dynamic market environment.

We continually explore shifting consumer priorities, financial well-being, share-of-wallet intensions, climate change and more. Using these data-driven insights and our deep industry knowledge, we can help you to respond and adapt to evolving automotive industry needs and consumer behaviour.

We have the industry knowledge needed to help guide you through your product strategy, development and management, including optimisation of your product portfolio and creation of go-to-market strategies for new technologies. We can work with you to harness cloud computing—to maximise uptime, improve first-time quality and optimise machine productivity. Not only can we support your business in meeting climate and ESG regulatory requirements, but also in seizing the opportunity to pursue sustainability strategies. 

Through our integrated approach, we can drive business transformation, lead you through key strategic decisions and deliver solutions to help you thrive.