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‘Boost your team’

If you are looking to strengthen or reward teams, to develop relationships between (management) team members, departments or service lines, we have the ideal teambuilding event for you.

Deloitte Dutch Caribbean offers tailor made teambuilding programs and events for all tastes and all needs.

Our team building programs and events are unique, inspiring and innovative in the way that they will contribute to a more efficient and productive workforce. Our philosophy is that team building events should be fun and enjoyable but at the same time informative and effective.

This flyer contains information on basic teambuilding options. The options however are not limited. Deloitte develops tailor-made teambuilding sessions and programs. Depending upon the needs and goals we can organize stand alone sessions or elaborate teambuilding and team development programs.

Indoor Teambuilding Sessions

The indoor sessions are highly interactive. Some learn by observing, others by talking, practicing and/or experiencing. Very short theoretical introductions are followed by teambuilding activities and exercises.

Examples of topics that we can cover in the indoor sessions are:

  • Team roles
  •  Team development stages
  •  Team development plan
  •  Team strengths and development areas
  •  Team member talents, competencies and development areas
  • Effective communication
  •  Giving and receiving feedback

Outdoor- and Creative Teambuilding Sessions

An outdoor or creative teambuilding session is an excellent learning event during which team members interact with each other, have fun and are challenged. Outdoor and creative sessions contribute to developing closer working relationships and improving team members understanding of each other.

During the outdoor or creative sessions team members participate in teambuilding activities that do not directly relate to the regular work environment and practical work situations. This part of the teambuilding focuses on team communication, team strengths, collaboration, team behavior and the effect on team spirit, motivation and performance.

Depending on the team composition, the teambuilding objectives and the wishes of your team members we offer:

Low adventure outdoor sessions

High adventure outdoor sessions (including kayaking, biking and swimming)

Creative teambuilding sessions (such as logo mosaic, music session, mystery sessions etc.)


“When a team outgrows individual performance and learns team confidence, excellence becomes a reality.”

- Joe Paterno