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Deloitte helps Coca-Cola Europacific Partners to make employees’ lives easier

Coca-Cola Europacific Partners is a business that deals in big numbers: 600 million customers, revenues of €15 billion and over 33,200 employees. It has set itself another hugely ambitious target – saving one million hours of employee productivity through streamlined digital employee services. These are hours it hopes can be better spent serving customers, winning new business, and supporting employee wellbeing.

Creating a one-stop digital workflow platform

Coca-Cola Europacific Partners (CCEP) is the world's largest bottling company. Combining the strength and scale of a large, multinational business with expert, local knowledge, it operates across 29 countries, serving more than 600 million consumers, and employs over 33,200 people from around the world. The business generates over €15 billion in revenue.

CCEP wants to reimagine the employee experience at scale. By shifting employees to a digital-first, self-service mindset, the business believes it can better manage workflows, and improve efficiency and engagement.

“It is about building the core capabilities we need to deliver on our business strategies,” says Nico Orie, VP People & Culture Strategy & Operations, CCEP. “To ensure we have the right commercial capabilities, we need the right digital capabilities.”

The aim was to digitize the HR function, from reserving a meeting to booking time off, thereby transforming employee workflow. The employee experience is important, says Nico – CCEP wants employees to know they are valued and their lines of work are being developed.

“Technology is a key driver in optimizing processes, standardizing them, but also making them intuitive,” says Bart Moen, HR Transformation Offering Leader, Deloitte. “Productivity, standardization and employee experience were key levers in this engagement.”

CCEP believes self-service and digital workflows can save one million hours of employee productivity through streamlined administration.

Finding and removing repetitive tasks

CCEP’s digital employee workflows are built on ServiceNow HR Service Delivery, designed and implemented by Deloitte.

The result is a central portal where employees can self-serve a range of tasks, search for advice, or register an issue. The portal is now a natural go-to for employees seeking information.

Rasit Tastepe, ServiceNow NL Offering Lead at Deloitte, says the one million hours goal helped bring purpose and relevancy to the project. Employees and business owners are more focused on every moment of time saved.

“It has been the foundation for everything we achieved on the project. Our roadmap, our metrics, the roll-out of new services – all tied back to that original vision,” Rasit explains. “The best gift you can give to an employee is to remove repetitive, low-value tasks.”

“ServiceNow is a platform. It’s not simply an off-the-shelf package; you can create bespoke solutions that address a specific customer need,” says Rasit. “This creativity has allowed us to find new ways to streamline particular CCEP processes.”

Digitization and self-service to drive employee workflows

The platform was built for the long term but it proved critical during the immediate pressures of the COVID-19 pandemic. It enabled CCEP employees to access important health information and certify their health status. The digitized dashboard eased the service delivery of all HR functions, harmonized virtual on-boarding processes across multiple departments within the organization, and created a central communication space for all employees, regardless of location, across synchronized channels. A track and trace feature allows managers to monitor impact on business.

The return-to-work solution also helped employees to go back to the office with minimal hiccups. Speed was important to CCEP for seamless rollout of this system to become Europe's first safe workplace.

“From learning about the Safe Workplace application to integration and launch took just three weeks ,” says Paul Ewin, Director of HR Technology, Coca-Cola Europacific Partners. “It was great because it radiated a lot of trust in the organization.”

Towards a more fulfilling work-life

The success of the platform enables CCEP to meet its one million hours commitment. This means more time to spend serving customers, winning new business, or focusing on a healthy workplace culture.

The business intends to give back a further half a million hours over the next three years. CCEP wants to empower HR to take charge of digitization through coding improvements on the user interface and user experience for its workforce.

“When we started the project, I thought the vision of unlocking one million hours of productivity was probably the clearest vision statement I've seen in such a transformation,” says Nico. “We now want to go further.”

Continued transformation requires agility. CCEP wants to be able to test ideas, learn, and either scrap or deploy more widely.

Rasit says the ServiceNow Platform allows CCEP to adapt as it goes: “I think the greatest opportunity for CCEP is flexibility. ServiceNow means the business can really address the needs of digital transformation in a very agile manner.”

Nico says, at a user level, there is clear evidence that simplification is working. Employee satisfaction scores are up, and there is a greater sense of engagement. Constant progress, with features being added or improved, tells employees that their feedback is being listened to.

“Employees trust and engage with the digitization program,” Nico adds. “As we pivot towards the challenges of virtual working, we’ll continue to fine-tune our HR processes to improve our employee experience.”

By giving back people’s time, by simplifying the way they can work and collaborate, we’re making work better.

—Nico Orie, VP People & Culture Strategy & Operations, Coca-Cola Europacific Partners

Today, everything is personalized and localized. You can’t put a price on what that means for employee engagement.

—Paul Ewin, Director of HR Technology, Coca-Cola Europacific Partners

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