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Maximilian Schroeck
Anne Kwan
Cristina Stefanita


    Maximilian Schroeck, Jon Kawamura, and Anne Kwan, Digital transformation as a path to growth: Capturing new market opportunity, Deloitte Insights, July 15, 2019.


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    Anne Kwan, Maximilian Schroeck, and Jon Kawamura, Architecting an operating model: A platform for accelerating digital transformation, Deloitte Insights, August 5, 2019.


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    Maximilian Schroeck, Anne Kwan, and Jon Kawamura, Ecosystem-driven portfolio strategy: Building a portfolio of digital industrial solutions leveraging powerful business ecosystems, Deloitte Insights, March 9, 2020.


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    Deloitte, 2020 Global Human Capital Trends, 2020.


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    Jon Kawamura, Maximilian Schroeck, and Anne Kwan, Digital product management: A structured approach to product innovation and governance, Deloitte Insights, October 18, 2019.


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    Anne Kwan, Jon Kawamura, and Maximilian Schroeck, How cocreation is helping accelerate product and service innovation: In an Industry 4.0 environment, many companies are augmenting their approaches to the development of new offerings, Deloitte Insights, April 20, 2020.


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    Maximilian Schroeck et al., Evolving partner roles in Industry 4.0: A partner ecosystem can generate customer-ready solutions and accelerate time to market, Deloitte Insights, September 3, 2020.


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    See the entire Digital industrial transformation series on Deloitte Insights.


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    Deepak Sharma et al., Digital platform as a growth lever: Platform strategy can help companies transition from a “make one, sell one” model to become network orchestrators, Deloitte Insights, July 29, 2020.


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    Khalid Kark et al., The kinetic leader: Boldly reinventing the enterprise, Deloitte Insights, May 18, 2020.


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    Jagjeet Gill, Deepak Sharma, and Anne Kwan, Scaling up XaaS: Transforming your business to market, sell, and transact as-a-service offerings, Deloitte Insights, September 30, 2019.


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